Lille Region

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Lille Region is a hotspot for multimedia talent, cultivating expertise in video games, animation and mobile apps. We are also France’s No. 1 cluster for digital arts training. The region hosts main game companies such as Ankama, which with 500 employees created the famous online game Dofus (50 million of gamers), or Bigben interactive, a major European player in the video game industry.


Several dynamic SMEs are based as well in the region, such as Atelier 801— who created “Transformice”, a social game played by 40 million gamers, Adictiz— who developed “Paf le chien”, a mobile game gathering 15 million gamers, or Peoleo— who launched “Drakerz”, an augmented reality cards game.


The new generation of SMEs is involved in the cross-platform game based on the French know-how in digital creation and game design. 150 researchers work on digital contents in renowned universities and national institutions.


Two world class schools are also based in Lille Region: Supinfocom and Supinfogame (part of the RUBIKA Group). Supinfogame is the first French school of video game. They are specialized in game design, game project management and computer graphics. The graduates of Supinfogame are hired by famous names in the video game and movie industry (Activision, Ubisoft, Zynga, DreamWorks, Pixar…).


The video game sector in Lille Region is supported by the Pictanovo cluster, gathering companies, universities and research teams to promote and foster innovation and networking.


The entire gaming business sector is structured by dedicated flagship sites:

  •       “Plaine Images” Park: a hub for digital creativity and innovation, fostering convergence between art, companies and science.
  •       “La Serre Numérique” (opening in 2014): aiming to become a leading center for Serious Games.
  •       “EuraTechnologies”: a Center of excellence dedicated to Information and Communication Technologies.



Nord France Invest is the investment promotion agency for “Lille Region” in Northern France, a non-profit organization aiming at attracting foreign direct investments in the region. The agency is supported by the Regional Council of Northern France and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Northern France in order to promote “Lille Region” abroad as a first choice region to set up in Europe and assist foreign companies in their settlement process: sites and premises selection, partnering, financial public support, etc.. Nord France Invest services are free of charge and fully confidential.

Lille Region is your gateway to Europe’s most successful economies. Located in the heart of the London-Paris-Brussels triangle, our region lies within 300 kilometers of 78 million consumers with combined purchasing power of €1,500 billion.

But above all, Lille Region is a great place to do business—a place you can count on.
The figures speak for themselves:
85% of foreign-owned companies based in our region would encourage other businesses to set up a subsidiary here (source: KPMG).
Northern France is France’s third largest region for foreign investment, with nearly 1,300 foreign-owned companies already doing business here. Representing over 30 nationalities in all, they cover a diverse range of sectors—the rail and automotive industries, logistics, green business, bio-tech, client relations and digital technology.


Speaker : Yann PITOLLET, CEO

 Portraits. Nord France Invest. Euralille. Lille. Education

  • Master of International Management, Nantes Business School
  • Graduate of SKEMA Business School, Nice-Sophia Antipolis
  • Master of Economics, Nice University

Professional experience

  • Since August 2010: Chief Executive Officer at Nord France Invest (Lille), the Investment Promotion Agency for Lille Region (Northern France), a governmental body which aims at attracting foreign direct investments in the region.
  • March 2004 to July 2010: Chief Executive Officer of Seine Maritime Expansion (Rouen), the economic development agency for Seine Maritime Department.
  • September 2000 to February 2004: Project Manager with Danone Group, Paris, charged with reconversion of industrial sites and public affairs.
  • March 1995 to August 2000: Director of Local Development with New Caledonia’s Economic Development Agency. Regular prospection assignments in Japan and across the Asia-Pacific area.
  • June 1990 to March 1995: Consultant with Horwath International, Paris, specializing in investment research in the hospitality and leisure industry

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