dad is a new generation agency, created by Marc Antoine Redien  (founder of WIP:ON) and Olivier LEFEVRE (former Associate and Creative Director of DDB).

With over 20 years of experience, our ambition is to do our job differently, off the beaten track, in other words, build a communication agency of a new form.

dad is the perfect combination of creativity and technology adapted to a new way of living where consumers have totally changed their relationship with brands.

dad wants to give more empowerment to client relationship, without intermediaries, by exchanging directly with the creative teams.

dad is inventive in its strategy of assisting clients, eager to build innovative strategy and media solutions for today and imagine new models for tomorrow.

Each step in the client collaboration process is aimed at reaching premium results never forgetting the ROI dimension.

Strategic communication means communication aligned with business goals.

dad has been created because we are convinced that our profession has to adapt to new trends and market evolutions or will disappear.


Speakers :

Olivier_FEFEVRE_DAD_BasseResolutionOlivier Lefevre, Associate Director

I got a master art and communication at the University of Valenciennes,

I finished my training in one of the best French schools of communication: Sup Creation, I’m out of valedictorian.

In 1994, I joined DDB group, I became creative director and associate director of the agency.

I developed the Web department of the agency. I participated in the structuring of the DDB network in France.

I have the ability to address a communication problem in all its aspects, above and bellow, internal and external, and to ensure the project management.

In 2012, i created dad,  to gather  the most advanced technology and my experience in marketing.

I believe that the courage and integrity, can aggregate all the talents and all wills.


Marc-Antoine_REDIEN_DAD_BasseResolutionMarc Antoine Redien, Associate Director

Graphic designer, I worked early with new image technologies.

I was graphic – 3D designer on productions for advertising, video and feature films.

In 1997, I was the executive producer of the first TV series in 3D, Donkey Kong, with Medialab in Paris.

I worked in animation, always innovating and also managing  the all steps of production.

In 2001 I started my own production company of digital content, WIP:ON.

WIP:ON create digital content of all kind for all devices.

In 2012, I created dad

I wanted to go further and invent my own tools to build tomorrow’s communication.


Do you want to meet DAD during FSID ?


UBIFRANCE will assess your request and submit it to company for approval.



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