ORIDAO develops Lifecycle Authentication Solutions : secured RFID SoC and the associated software support for Access control, Industrial, Airspace and Defense traceability applications. These solutions, interoperable with existing RFID standards and architectures, address the growing requirements for field authentication of both origin and proper process conformance of tracked items (person, asset or product): conditional access, secured maintenance tracking, supply-chain management control…

The company develops secured RFID SoC and supports its customers in the proper implementation of its solutions within the System building blocks : secured architecture study, middleware and readers firmware configuration.

Speaker: Mr. Nicolas REFFE, CEO

Nicolas Reffé, CEO and founder, holds an MBA and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He started his career performing research at University of Massachusetts, before turning to industry and operations for 14 years, working for large international companies such as Emerson Electric Co and LVMH, before founding ORIDAO back in 2008. 


 Do you want to meet ORIDAO during FSID ?

Ubifrance will assess your request and submit it to company for approval.


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