IMS Innovation and Measurement Systems

IMS is a spin-off of SDS Systems & Solutions created in 2004. The two first core instruments on which IMS is building a fully modular product offering are a Smart Gamma Probe and a Miniature Gamma Spectro-meter. These products are Manufactured under license from the French Atomic Commission (CEA – Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives). Our instruments include collected data registration and audio alarm triggering function: alarm level and audio alarm option. The customers can chose between nuclear radiation detection systems integrating different communication interfaces:
– Systems provided with USB, compatible with PC working a special software developed to control & command the probe;
– Systems provided with serial buses RS485/422/232, adapted to integration into existing radiation monitoring and surveillance networks or into NRBC monitoring systems embedded in vehicles;
– Solutions adapted to use as a wireless handheld instrument or ambient sensor for radiological control, which can be controlled and commanded by Smartphones and Tablets running Android 2.3 and newer versions.
– Combining our systems and a GPS & GSM communication modules for a turnkey radiation monitoring solution for large monitoring area or for tracking sources;
– and finally an Ethernet Network Radiation Monitoring Solution to remote control instruments via Internet Protocols.

Speaker: Mr. Bernard LEIBOVICI, President and Director of Research.


Sales Engineer graduated from the Institut Commercial de Nancy-University of Nancy (54) obtained in 1973. Alternative Bac + 4



Conduct of companies specializing in scientific instrumentation or electronic banking:

  • implementation of the business strategy;
  • organization and control of research projects;
  • relationships with manufacturers and research laboratories;
  • organizing tasks and establishing manufacturing relationships with subcontractors;
  • administrative management of the organization.

INFOCAM SA from 1990 to 1999: development of smart card applications;
SDS Systems Development & Solutions since 1999: high voltage power conversion;
IMS Innovation and Systems Measurement since 2011.

Do you want to meet IMS during FSID?

Ubifrance will assess your request and submit it to the company for approval.


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