HGH Infrared Systems

HGH Infrared Systems has capitalized over 30 years of success in design, develop, assemble and sell complete optronic systems for security, industrial and civil applications. With the mission to offer the best cutting-edge products and services to clients, HGH has consolidated its core businesses in Defense and Civil Security.

Based in Igny (South of Paris), HGH are located at the heart of the French Optics Valley where the most famous research laboratories and related companies are gathered. This particularly favourable environment is an enhancing factor for the high technology and quality that HGH endeavour to produce.

HGH’s main lines of business are as follows:

  • Security: infrared panoramic surveillance system.
  • Industry: thermographic equipments for remote temperature measurement (industrial infrared camera, line or two-dimensional scanners, pyrometric camera), multi-spectral imaging sensor for tunnel inspection, etc.
  • Test and metrology: infrared instrumentation (blackbodies, collimators, optical test benches), mobile workshop for maintenance of electro-optics sensors, imaging spectroradiometers, etc.

Their specialised engineers in optics, mechanics, electronics and software enable HGH to master each development phase of their products and, when needed, put forward a dedicated solution to meet the Customer’s specific requirements.

Speaker: Mr. Gilles BONAVITA, Asia Regional Director.

Gilles Bonavita joined the French Navy in 1975 for 32 years service. Since 2008, he is working in the industry for port and maritime security. Gilles Bonavita’s sea service included numerous positions on board frigates, Destroyers or Carrier Vessel Battle group since junior officer to vessel Commanding officer. Ashore he received assignments as project officer of the new generation of Destroyerin Paris, Military Adviser near Security Council (United Nations Headquarters) in New York or near the French President of Senate in Paris. Gilles Bonavita assumed duty, in Singapore, as Defense Attaché near the French Embassies to Singapore and Brunei.


Do you want to meet HGH Infrared Systems during FSID?

Ubifrance will assess your request and submit it to the company for approval.


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