V-Key focuses on mobile application threat research, protection, and intelligence solutions. Via our mobile security labs, we deliver the latest research, analysis and insights into the evolving mobile application threat landscape, powered by comprehensive, real-time global threat intelligence and a dedicated team of multidisciplinary researchers.

V-Key does not assume the mobile phone to be secure. Instead, the entire V-Key security architecture is premised on the need for mobile applications to remain secure even if an attacker has compromised the underlying mobile operating system.

V-Key delivers advanced protections to meet this evolving mobile application threat landscape, powered by its patent-pending V-OS secure mobile middleware and V-Guard suite of products. V-OS allows for secure storage of cryptographic keys and for secured cryptographic computation, while V-Guard provides a tamper-proof binary wrapper for mobile applications.

For more information, please visit www.v-key.com.

Speaker: Benjamin MAH, CEO, V-Key.

Benjamin Mah has been recognized as one of the industry’s “most influential people on infocomm security”. Benjamin pioneered e-Cop and grew it into a leading Managed Security Service company until its acquisition, and played a central role in growing Encentuate until its acquisition by IBM. Benjamin has held key regional leadership positions within the core security software business in both Oracle and IBM. Benjamin holds a degree in Business System Computing from Monash University, Australia.


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