Serma Technologies

SERMA ITSEF (Information Technology Security Evaluation Facility) is part of “Groupe SERMA TECHNOLOGIES”, a leading European engineering and consulting company specialised in analysis, control and expertise services on electronic components, boards and systems. Present in various industries, we assist our customers at each level of the industrial cycle by providing support on issues such as development, reliability and security of their products.

SERMA ITSEF offers a wide range of security assessment & evaluation services on smart cards, ICs, mobile or embeded devices and their softwares  to major worldwide industry leaders from Common Criteria security evaluations (up to EAL7 level or ”high” attack potential), private scheme evaluations (VISA VCSP, MasterCard, EMVCo, …), independent, tailored security expertise and testing of customized security solutions, trainings and consulting on Common Criteria methodology and On Site security audits & sites evaluation services.

Speaker: Mr. Sylvain BONFARDIN, ITSEF Project leader, Technical manager

Sylvain Bonfardin has over 12 years of international, Asia based experience in information & network security.
Holding a CISSP and extensive knowledges in various fields of the security industry, from R&D, penetration testing through technical marketing for security vendors, Sylvain was hired by SERMA Technologies in 2009 as the software ITSEF technical manager and projects leader of the hardware ITSEF. He is now also in charge of SERMA business developent in South Asia.

Do you want to meet Serma Technologies during FSID?

Ubifrance will assess your request and submit it to the company for approval.


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