Secure-IC designs tomorrow’s secure embedded systems. Our Smart-SIC technology is very unique. It is the outcome of 10 years of R&D conducted within the Trusted Computing Group of Institut Telecom in Paris. We prevent; the hack of any secure element, the reverse engineering of any embedded system and the theft of intellectual property.

More Digital Trust with Secure-IC




Our solution is Smart-SIC+, a new generation of secure system-on-chip. Secure-IC proposes a complete architecture with best-of-breed protections leveraging Secure-IC’s intellectual property and know-how. Smart-SIC+ includes software toolkit and debugger for customers to build their own applications in the media, mobile, banking and identification spaces.

In addition our portfolio includes the Smart-SIC Analyzer, which is an advanced evaluation platform meant to assess the robustness and to analyze the vulnerabilities of any cryptographic embedded system. Smart-SIC Analyzer is compliant with the new ISO 17825 standard.

Speaker: Mr. Charles THOORIS, Marketing & Sales Engineer

Charles Thooris has been recently appointed Sales & Marketing Manager in charge of the Asia-Pacific area for Secure-IC. He will be based out of the newly set-up subsidiary in Singapore, Secure-IC Pte Ltd. After almost a year spent in France, he was given the opportunity to develop the Secure-IC business in the region. Charles is a graduate from the French aerospace engineering school Supaero completed by a master degree in engineering management.

Do you want to meet Secure-IC during FSID?

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