Natural Security

In a world of change where business and security rules are constantly evolving, both end users and institutions need better tools for managing identities and access to services.
By developing a convenient, secure standard for strong authentication, Natural Security meets these requirements.

Natural Security aims to provide the same authentication solution for all situations where authentication is needed :  face-to-face and online,  payment transactions and access services, corporate and consumer.
Our purpose is to authenticate a user with the same convenience but without compromises on security, privacy and data protection. To achieve this, natural security combines a contactless personal device and biometrics.
• The personal device, based on a secure element, stores applications and data used to authenticate the user, resolving problems related to privacy.
• The contactless technology used spares users the need to physically handle the device (hands-free solution).
• Biometrics is used so a transaction can only take place when both the user and the device are present.

The combination of these 3 elements provides a very unique user experience without compromising on security, privacy, data protection and ease of use.

More videos here

Speaker: Mr. Pierre ANTONIO, Business Development Manager

Pierre Antonio has honed his expertise in the global card industry over the last 15 years, holding a number of senior business development and marketing roles at leading organisations. In 2001, Pierre joined the Devoteam group. Whilst here, Pierre created and developed a consulting business unit focusing on the cards and electronic payments industry. In 2005, pierre became the VP of Sales and Marketing at Jware Technologies, a French software vendor specialised in front-end software for card payments and secure transaction processing. In 2010, Jware was acquired by Clear2Pay and Pierre took on the role of VP, Business development, responsible for developing the card switching business.

Do you want to meet Natural Security during FSID?

Ubifrance will assess your request and submit it to the company for approval.


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