Keesing Technologies

Keesing Technologies (1923) is a global leader in the development of digital anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions. Our products and services are used for counterfeit detection, ID document and banknote authentication, brand protection and antipiracy. Thousands of organizations around the world rely on our solutions every day.

The technology we use benefits from almost 90 years of experience and know-how. Our objective is to assist organizations in their fight against counterfeiting and fraud. To this end, we have developed a range of tools and (online) solutions that allows users to fight counterfeiting and inspect as well as authenticate nearly all ID documents and banknotes currently in circulation. To safeguard the quality of our solutions, we closely cooperate with international government agencies, including embassies, consulates and central banks. Our network of more than 25 local agents and partners allows us to operate worldwide. eesing’s products are used by more than 6,000 organizations from over 120 countries. Keesing has offices in Amsterdam and Paris, employs 45 staff, and works with distributors, strategic partners and agents across Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America.

Keesing Technologies is the digital business unit of the Hologram Industries group.

Speaker: Mr. Eric BALANCA, Head of Hologram Industries Digital Business unit

Eric Balanca is serving as Head of Keesing Technologies, the Digital Business Unit of Hologram Industries as of 2011. He is hold Masters from Business Intelligence and Information Technologies, as well as Executive MBA from HEC. He previously held various positions mainly in the security of information systems at the Ministry of Defense and then at CSC Peat Marwick, Foliateam and ERCOM.


Do you want to meet Keesing Technologies during FSID?

Ubifrance will assess your request and submit it to the company for approval.


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