Advanced Track & Trace

Advanced Track & Trace is a global leader and technology provider in brand protection, secured traceability and authentication. Our know-how in implementation of authentication, secure track and trace on production and assembly lines has made us a key expert company awarded as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum of Davos and partner of the biggest companies in the world.

A copy protected authenticator: the Seal Vector®
ATT has developed a new-patented Authentication technology, the Seal Vector®.
Seal Vector® is a ubiquitous private code, highly secured for Authentication, Identification and Traceability of a product using Smartphones.
The Seal Vector® contains invisible, covert custom tailored production traceability and provides unmistakable detection of a fake or a copy.
Advanced Track & Trace offers to all the industries a very cost efficient product protection. Using off-the-shelf readers (flatbed scanner, Smartphone, …etc.), the components of a product –secondary packaging, primary packaging or the product itself– (folding boxes, leaflets, labels, glass, pills, caps, syringes, …etc.) can be identified and authenticated.

The Seal Vector® authenticator protects the brand owner, products and customers.
It improves Security, Logistics productivity, Quality Assurance and reduces costs without any change in existing processes and without consumable. It can be visible or/and invisible.

Speaker: Mr. Dominique GRESLAND, CEO

After graduating in engineering sciences, Dominique Gresland assumed positions as Managing Director in a number of companies developing robotics and industrial vision technologies. Specialising in systems for tracking, tracing and combating parallel markets and counterfeiting, he joined Advanced Track & Trace three years ago as Chief Operations Officer.


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