Catopsys develops immersive solutions up to 360 ° X 180 °, the specific calibration of which allows to project a 3D content (real panorama or virtual scene) on any 3D environment with any device of interaction and 3D visualization (sensors of position, stereoscopy). We project 360° images and videos as well, in any kind of rooms (dome, normal rooms, ..).

This technology is mainly made of two innovative elements

  • The calibration and the projection : an innovative and patented process consists first of all in making the 3D acquisition of the environment of projection and then deform in real time, by software, any image accordingly to this environment of projection. By knowing the position of video-projectors, mirrors, and the geometrical shape of the surface of projection, the system calculates the function of inverse deformation. The latter will allow to obtain an image adapted to the support of projection.
  • The structure of the optical systems : we can set up the organization of video-projectors, mirrors and screens to realize installations of visualization and immersive projection adapted to the needs of each market.

We are looking for partners that will work with us to reinvent what immersion means for gamers and for panoramic videos.


Speaker : Daniel Duhautbout, President – FounderDD_201104

12 years of sales positions in IBM France. Then, move for 7 years to IBM EMEA in different marketing and sales management positions, thus participating as member of the core team building the IBM Software Division. From 2001 to 2007, move to an Executive position with the mission to drive the Distribution strategy and planning for all IBM SWG EMEA. On 2006, creation of companies specialized in art marketing especially in eastern European countries. On 2011, leading Catopsys project and creation of the company in February 2013.


Do you want to meet Catopsys during FSID ?

UBIFRANCE will assess your request and submit it to company for approval.


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