Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) comprises corporate members ranging from local start up to established MNCs. It works with various stakeholders in the ICT industry in promoting and creating awareness in emerging technologies such as Digital Media, Cloud Computing, Green IT, Wireless, Security and Governance. SiTF’s charter is to serve as the voice of the Singapore infocomm industry and to provide her members with platforms and opportunities to increase their market presence and business reach. Some of the events and initiatives rolled out include SiTF Golf Classic, SiTF Awards, SITEX and ICT Business Forum where industry representatives come together to exchange ideas and to build relationships. One of the key programmes of SiTF is MatchiT; it focuses in helping enterprises on matching their IT needs to the relevant solution providers. This has provided new business opportunities to our members. To further assist members to reach out to the market, SiTF has also had a representative office in Shanghai to help members to penetrate the Chinese market. SiTF has also launched SiTF Academy to enhance the human capital development of the Singapore ICT’s workforce through continuous education and training.


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