School of Design and Environment – National University of Singapore

Speaker : Professor WONG Nyuk Hien, Programme Director B.Sc. (Project and Facilities Management)

Dr. Wong Nyuk Hien is a professor in the Department of Building, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore. Currently he is the Program Director for B.Sc. (Project and Facilities Management). He has been the Principal Investigator for a number of research projects funded by the various Singapore government agencies to study the Urban Heat Island effect in Singapore and to explore the various mitigation measures such as the effective utilization of urban greenery and cool roof materials. Over the years, he has researched on how greenery can be effectively integrated with building facades through the incorporation of rooftop gardens and vertical greenery systems to reduce the heat gain into the buildings and also to reduce the urban heat. Dr. Wong was also one of the Principal Investigators of the Zero Energy Building Project commissioned by Building and Construction Authority of Singapore. Currently, he is working on an island wide Urban Climatic Mapping study commissioned by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore and another on Punggol waterway commissioned by Housing Development Board. Dr. Wong has been engaged as member of the advisory boards to the various government agencies in Singapore. He has also been involved in an international research project commissioned by the Planning Department of Hong Kong to develop an air ventilation assessment system which is now in place for Hong Kong. Dr. Wong has also written 4 books and published more than 250 international referred journal and conference papers in these related fields. His most recent book is titled “Tropic Urban Heat Islands – Climate, buildings and greenery”.


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