XD Productions

5D, 4D, 3D, 2D… XD  is another Dimension! Audiovisual Production & Research Studio in Paris since 1998, and Hong Kong office since 2009. XD Productions is the leader of 3D content on TV broadcast in France with 20 employees and 50 freelance artists. Two 3D feature films, many TV series & primetime shows, XD always pushes the limits of content & technology!

Animakit Studios is one of kind realtime animation system, combining a complete 3D character animation solution with standard hardware to animate body, voice, eyes, face & fingers… LIVE!

Speaker: Mr Julien Peyrache, Honk Kong Head Officer

Julien Peyrache recently joined the company to start XD’s technology dissemination business. Graduate from ESCE international trade business school in France, he started his professional career in Hong Kong company Synertech International Ltd manufacturing intercoms and security products. He then joined one of the top mobile phone company in France Modelabs Technology Ltd as manufacturing Project Manager in Shenzhen. Now charge of the XD’s Hong Kong representative office for almost 3 years.





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