Succubus Interactive

Succubus Interactive has been acting as a work for hire company since its creation in 2002. It has today more than 100 customers and employs a dozen persons in its Nantes & Lyon offices, over its two specialties: Serious gaming and online & social games. Succubus is the pionner company in France on the Serious Game market, with its first game developped in 2002. Since then, Succubus has built the heaviest track record with tens of games developped for B2B, with companies such as Ministry of Industry, Electricité de France, French Building Federation or Orange Telecoms. On the social network game side, Succubus will be releasing three games on Facebook in 2012 based on the samed technology.

Speaker : Laurent Auneau, CEO

Laurent Auneau founded Succubus Interactive in 2002 at the age of 24. At the time, he was still a graduate student, and received his master’s the following year. Since then, he has devoted himself to developing the company and has focused his creative team on the social and serious gaming sectors, using technologies such as Flash or real time 3D with their proprietary technology, Rubytech. Laurent is involved mainly with initiating and managing high value-added projects such as digital imaging, ergonomics and custom design. He is also a consultant to the video game industry on real time 3D technologies.


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