Cluster Lumière

The Cluster Lumière is a group of more than 120 companies: laboratories, manufacturers, engineers, lighting installers and designers. The “Plus” is the combination of all this various and complementary skills, expertise, with the Lyonnais touch in term of lighting.



Speaker : Marc Fontoynont, Professor, Co-founder of the Cluster Lumière, Vice President International Lighting Commission (CIE) , Operating Agent for the International Energy Agency, of the Annex on Solid State Lighting.

Mr Fontoynont is renown expert for the development of high performance lighting solutions, semi conductor technology, intelligent controls and quality assurance for indoor/outdoor lighting installations. He has been working 30 years in Energy efficient solutions, in North America, Europe and Asia. He has designed various lighting schemes in Museum lighting (Monna Lisa), urban lighting and conducts expertise in China and Hong-Kong. He is involved in R&D activities with various members of the Cluster Lumière.


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