bookBeo brings objects to life ! With your smartphone any goods can get dynamic and interactive. Thanks to our range of mobile applications (embedding beoReaders), you can scan 1D barcodes, 2D codes (QR, Datamatrix) and customized beoTags to play, store and share multimedia contents. Our web platforms (beoBox) and interactive web maps (beoMap) enable to generate and manage geolocated information, video, games and related 2D codes (beoTags). Our solution includes very precise analytics and related interactivity for a better mobile marketing and customer relationship management adapted to the cities of today and tomorrow.

Speaker: Mr David LE MEUR, Export Manager and Associate

David Le Meur has 10 years of experience in Europe, Asia with master degrees in business intelligence & supply chain management. He has been process expert in the implementation of RFID systems for the retail industry and is now associate export manager for bookBeo’s mobile & multimedia solutions.

To know more about david@bookBeo, get on your smartphone the bookBeo application (available for free on the appstore & the android market), then just scan the 2D code above his head!



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