XL Render + Black Light Movies

XLRender© provides Specialized IT Rendering Solution, personalized and dedicated services for CGI Industries that empowers companies to efficiently set up the most effective production pipeline.

Speaker : Grégory Lemblé, CEO

Blacklight Movies is a French-based Production company, fully independent, with a strong Artistic and Professional network in the Entertainment Industry. The Founder Team combines original market thinking with exceptional knowledge and experience in CGI, Design, 3D Animation, VFX, Sound Design, Music and deep expertise in New Media. Blacklight Movies has developped an in-house Financing, Business & Marketing Know-how. The mission is to finance, develop and produce IP targeting teenagers and adults audience, in different media, from Movies to Web gaming. Currently, Blacklight Movies is producing its first IP, a promising feature-length 3D animation motion picture for teenagers and adults, entitled “SOUL MAN”. The complete Artistic Development has been done by Blacklight Movies; a 8 minutes full CG 3D Pilot included. Blacklight Movies is implementing a crossmedia strategy with top-ranking Media partners worldwide to set up an International Franchise based on a cyberfunk Universe, commanding a huge valuation for Blacklight Movies.

Speaker : François Belot, President & Producer

 With a MBA in Business and Administration, and a master in Marketing, François Belot is a serial technopreneur both in France and Asia. He has helped to build and create a few companies centred around 2D/3D Imaging, sold to Getty and Autodesk. He is co-founder and associate in several expert companies in CGI & cross media Content, driving Strategy and international Development. His skills cover Fund Raising, Business Development and Marcom in the Entertainment Industry in EMEA and ASIA. He has recently co-founded Blacklight Movies, a French-based Movie Production Company for the realization of one promising USD40M full-length 3D animation film SOUL MAN™. He will keep the movie budget on track, on time and develop the crossmedia strategy to set up an international Franchise Licensing Business.



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