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Alioscopy specializes in professional glasses-free 3D imaging (3D LCD displays) and creative services. Its displays can amaze, attract and grasp the attention of the public as well as enhance the understanding of complex images in a demanding professional environment. Recognized today as being a worldwide technology leader in the field of 3D displays, Alioscopy makes displays able to support both 2D and 3D content. Its 3D technology offers a unique value proposition that differentiates its customers from all others via immersive, attention-grabbing, autostereoscopic 3D image wizardry – instantly captivating any audience.

Speaker: Alexandra MARTINET

Alexandra MARTINET graduated from Lille Graduate School of Management (SKEMA) – Lille, France in 2007 with MA in Management. After graduating, she moved to Singapore in October 2007 to join the Economic Department of the French Embassy (now Ubifrance) as Commercial Officer in ICT, Media, and Services. During that period she had the opportunity to meet with Alioscopy. She joined the company in September 2009 to do sales & business development in South-East Asia. 


Do you want to meet Alioscopy on November 3rd?

Ubifrance will assess your request and submit it to company for approval.


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