OPENWAYS LOGO Openways leverages web-based applications for credential dematerialization with over-the-air secured delivery to mobile phones. In other words, Openways sells a modern web service to use mobile phones instead of keys, cards and badges for the purpose of opening doors.  Billions of keys and cards are used on the planet to open billions of doors. Keys are not secured, very difficult and expensive to manage, very unpractical to exchange and a real pain when lost. Over 5.9 billion mobile phones are in active service today and still growing. Since keys and cards have an important carbon footprint, their dematerialization represents a true “green” opportunity, as much as a clear service differentiation from competition. With several patents filed and fully rolled out projects in USA and Europe for major global customers (Intercontinental, Hilton, Choice Hotels,…), Openways is ready to adress the booming asian market.

Speaker: Mr Pascal Métivier, Founder and CEO

A french and swiss national, Mr Métivier has 16 years of experience in the Access Management, electronic lock, and door hardware industries in leadership positions around the world (Europe, USA, Asia). For 12 years, he has been supplying technology and security solutions to the Hotel industry worldwide and has several start up and turn around experiences.  Mr Métivier is graduated from IMD Lausanne (Leadership program), Wharton Business School (M&A program), he holds the french DECF accounting and finance diploma, and a MBA from ISC Paris.



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