30 – 31 October 2012 – Innovative Security Solutions

The security market is expected to inch up by 7,4 % per year up to 2014 worldwide, to finally reach an overall turnover about 153 billion euros. Security market’s growth will be driven by an increasingly urbanization, a rise of offenders and criminals (real or perceived) and by the booming of the expectations of citizens toward action taken by public authorities. Far beyond of citizen’s issues, the business world is also addressing new challenges as securing digital data flow, monitoring and allowing the instantly access to information, while facing news difficulties as storage (cloud computing), volume, mobility and so on…

In a more and more globalized world, digital security and information networks are emerging as a key challenge for sustainable economic and social development. With this in mind, Singaporean and French actors have pledged in developing new technologies, which are all strengths to share in order to maintain a high level of requirement in compliance with financial industries’ public and private stakeholders’ needs

To develop and tied the industrial and technological cooperation between French and Singaporean companies, Ubifrance has decided to dedicate the third edition of “Innovation Days Singapore France” to the “Security industry”.

Singapore: a safe city, empowered by technology

Over the last decades, Singapore has emerged as a global city and the prime strategic hub for ASEAN. The dynamism of its society and its ability to attract international talents and ventures has made it a visible economic landmark worldwide where capital, technologies and ambitions converge. With an increasing population in its region and a high income per capita, Singapore shines as a jewel in an otherwise relatively unstable political, economic and societal regional environment.

Our 2012 will aim to reflect around major issues and trends, via tailored sessions as per below:

Track 1

The recurring incorporations of APAC headquarters in Singapore, with most of them in charge of regional IT operations thanks to excellent connectivity, datacenters, and infrastructure transforms rapidly the city-state into a pan-Asian IT capital. At the time of multimedia convergence and virtualization, such a concentration of individual and collective digital consumers dramatically raises the criticality of both systems and applications, therefore mechanically raising the needs for comprehensive digital security.

Specific focus on:

Cloud, Internet & Mobile security

Digital identity

IT infrastructure protection

Data integrity protection & recovery

Prevention and fight against cybercrime

Communications and transaction safety

Risk prevention, data mining and cryptography

IP protection

Track 2

A 100% urbanized nation, the world’s 2nd harbor, a regional capital, a transit place and an urban tourism hotspot, Singapore’s systems are under pressure and have no right to fail. Confronting new threats, in a seemingly ever more complex environment, Singapore needs the best in security systems to preserve its notoriety, ensure the quality of life, safety and trust of its citizens and enterprises. The recent announcement of the installation of some of Interpol’s activities acknowledges the nation’s reputation and know-how on the subject of security.

Specific focus on:

Maritime: ports and ships security

Air: airport security

Access to Borders (air, land, sea)

Fight Against Terrorism , Smuggling, Traffic and Piracy

Urban Security

Protection of Industrial and Critical Sites (water, energy…)

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FSID 2012 Brochure

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2012 Official venue

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Concerning the flights between Paris and Singapore, our partner AIRFRANCE proposes different offers, click here to download the details (PDF).


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